The Prose and Cons of Marketing

I haven’t updated in over a year due to some unexpected popularity. This site began attracting attention from the wrong kind of people. Over 33,000 comments full of unintelligible nonsense. Sounds like a typical day on GameFAQs, but I’m talking about spammers. Enough spam to break the comment system. Thanks.

Bad writing, but not quite "Zelda is an RPG" bad.

Bad writing, but not quite “Zelda is an RPG” bad.

Along came WordPress 4.0. The comment system functioned again. Check the awesome photo of me manually deleting those 33,000 spams – 85 at a time. The fun was short lived. The comment system broke again after I deleted a couple thousand. I finally went into the database, typed an SQL query, pressed Enter, and closed my eyes. Problem solved. Should have done that a year ago.

Apologies to anybody who left a comment during the popularity spike; it is gone forever. Apologies to anybody who tried to reply after comments were shut off; I wanted to hear from you. In the near future, I’ll install a spam-blocking plugin and re-enable comments. We’ll see what happens.