Coming Soon: Akai Katana

If you are one of the few people not buying Diablo III or Max Payne 3 next week, I suggest taking a look at Akai Katana for Xbox 360. Akai Katana is a console port of CAVE’s 2010 arcade shoot-em-up by the same name set in a semi-historical era of industrial growth and ninjas.

Akai Katana will include 3 game modes: The original arcade game in 4:3 aspect ratio, and two console exclusive modes that expand the playing field to a full 16:9 for HD TVs and also add a new stage, new scoring rules, and new enemy formations. Players can also expect standard genre features such as online leaderboards, replay recording/playback, beautiful 2D artwork, and game mechanics that will take a lot of practice and strategy to master.

If you’re on the fence and want to learn more about Akai Katana’s game system, check out these pilot training videos:

Akai Katana promises a lot of depth and replay value, and it’s retailing for just $40. Sounds like a great deal whether you are a shoot-em-up fan or simply want more variety in your game collection.

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