When I was younger and arcades still existed in my town, there would always some kid standing on a milk crate mashing buttons on a game in demonstration mode. Thinks he’s playing a game, but really isn’t.

Passive entertainment has always been more popular than gaming. Movie theaters outlived arcades. The dvd section is bigger than the video game section in big-box department stores. People don’t want to engage their mind, make decisions, and overcome obstacles if somebody else will do that for them.

Some game developers noticed that movies were popular, so they started making movies that are interrupted by trivial tasks the viewer must perform. These tasks require no skill or decision making and are a tedious waste of time, but the participants trudged onward chasing the next movie sequence like a dangling carrot. Suddenly the masses were into RPGs, but without the Role-Playing or the Game.

They remind me of that kid in the arcade.

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