Breaking the Habit: January 2012

Note: Due to a New Year’s resolution described here, I am restricting myself to one game purchase per month. This article is part of a series describing my monthly choices and the reasoning involved.

During the last week of January, I was pondering whether my game choices could roll-over like cell phone minutes because there wasn’t much I wanted. January releases were pretty sparse, and my mad game addiction of the past several years did not leave many older releases to pick from. The intent of my resolution is to encourage thoughtful spending, so I had to find something I really wanted or skip January.

The Contenders:

Soul Calibur V

+ I greatly enjoyed Soul Calibur II on the GameCube, and the Soul Edge arcade game.
– I bought Soul Calibur III for PS2, but never played it.
– I prefer 2D fighting games.
– I had just bought King of Fighters XIII in November.
– My local friends are no longer into fighting games.
– I heard Soul Calibur IV wasn’t very good.
– Soul Calibur games fall to $20 rather quickly.

Conclusion: I would definitely have fun playing Soul Calibur V, but I couldn’t justify paying full price at the time because I could simply keep playing King of Fighters XIII which was still fresh.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

+ I’ve enjoyed some past Final Fantasy games.
– I did not buy Final Fantasy XIII, not even when it was on sale for $15.
– I was not in the market for a 100 hour game.

Conclusion: This series has grown away from me, or I have grown away from it. I bought FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFX-2, and FFXII out of habit, despite not liking FFVII. Played each for a few hours and quit. The nostalgia and name recognition is tempting, but it was time to break that trend. These games do not provide me with enough enjoyment for each hour I invest.

On January 31st, a new Xbox Live Arcade Deal of the Week went live. Bastion was 50% off, going for $7.50. I had read about Bastion at some point in the past, and was interested in the art, the overhead gameplay style, a narrator talking as you play, and the pop-in scenery. This was perfect timing, so I bought it with little thought. I’ll be writing a short review soon.

2 thoughts on “Breaking the Habit: January 2012

  1. You may want to try FFXIII at some point. It is extremely different from the others. My fiance played it and actually liked it… to our infinite amusement (modern Final Fantasy games drive us crazy, and I loathe FFVII). I’ve been meaning to get to it myself, but have been distracted by Disgaea 4, Xenoblade Chronicles, and soon Atelier Meruru…
    But we also play adventure games, so linearity doesn’t particularly bother us.

    • I didn’t pay much attention when FF XIII first came out; I didn’t have a console that could play it, and my friends were generally displeased with it. Maybe that improves the chances that I would like it, but I’ve already got plenty of games to play which I am more confident I will enjoy. There isn’t time for everything, but it’s always possible I will play it someday.

      I appreciate the input. (and also the re-tweet.) Thanks.

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