Wasted Years

Haven’t updated in a while. Haven’t read my friends page in a while. I’m starting to catch up.

What took me away for so long? Nothing. Literally. I was laid off for the last two weeks of January. I was happy to have some time off. I figured I’d write a short story, put some programming samples on the web, begin work on a computer game I want to write, or do something to improve my place in the world.

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Battle for Wesnoth

The latest version of a wonderful open-source turn-based strategy game called Battle for Wesnoth was released today. It has many changes including bug-fixes, updated graphics, re-written multiplayer code, and some AI improvements. However, I am more excited about a small insignificant change to the game. A simple preference option allows you to flip the time-of-day graphics so you can make the sun move right-to-left or left-to-right depending on what is more intuitive to you. This is noteworthy because I submitted the patch which added that code to the game.

That’s right, millions… *ahem*… thousands… er, hundreds of people are playing a computer game containing code that I wrote! I feel so awesome!