Tis the Season

Tomorrow is the family Christmas gathering. Usually, I show up early and my brother and I watch movies and play games all day. This year, I said I had a movie we could watch. His reply, “You can bring it, but I’m going to play World of WarCraft all day.”

I’m getting sick of the idea that I MUST play WarCraft if I wish to stay in touch with people. It’s actually a decent game, and I probably would play it if I had a more powerful computer. I just don’t want it to be a requirement for having a social life. “Nah, I can’t come over and hang out tonight… but if you get on WoW, you can join my guild.”

I guess I can see the appeal. On WoW, you can hang out with all of your friends at the same time. You can meet tons of new people. None of them have to see your messy living space. You can be far more attractive than you are in real life. You can wander around a beautiful world without litter, smog, or nasty chemical fertilizer smells. You can kill shit with swords and magic spells, and begin a promising career in the profession of your choice. You won’t starve. You won’t grow old. You don’t have to wear glasses. You don’t need braces. You can be good at all of the things you’ll never be good at in real life. All you have to give up is a small monthly fee and any friends who don’t play.

No worries. If they don’t play WoW, they probably weren’t very good friends anyway.

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