Wasted Years

Haven’t updated in a while. Haven’t read my friends page in a while. I’m starting to catch up.

What took me away for so long? Nothing. Literally. I was laid off for the last two weeks of January. I was happy to have some time off. I figured I’d write a short story, put some programming samples on the web, begin work on a computer game I want to write, or do something to improve my place in the world.

I played one of the GBA Fire Emblem games and did some move-related stuff during those two weeks. I did not leave town. I barely left the apartment. In fact, in terms of move-related stuff, I barely did anything. The room with the computers is still a disaster. Sue, one of my favorite characters, got killed in my Fire Emblem game, so I can hardly call that a success either. I completely wasted my vacation.

On Feb 4, the day before I was to return to work, my boss called. “Things have been slow at the office, take another week off.” Great! A chance to redeem myself. I could do some of the stuff I didn’t do in the previous two weeks.

Well, I did do something different. Instead of playing Fire Emblem, I downloaded the World of WarCraft FREE 10-day trial. The week went by very fast. What do I have to show for it? A level 18 Night Elf Rogue on the Ravenholdt server. I guess I’ll put that on my resume.

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