Welcome to Red Grenade!


I wanted to explain what this blog will be about. In general terms, Red Grenade is about video games. Beyond discussing specific games, topics such as game design, strategy, culture, and development will also be explored.

Some features you can expect to see in the near future:

  • An attempt to best my personal high score in Deathsmiles with analysis, practice routines, strategies, and results. Much of the information will applicable to any skill-based game.
  • An attempt to develop a video game, complete with work-in-progress versions of the game, source code, and art assets.
  • Dissection of common game design elements, how to spot them, and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Strategy guides, videos, reviews, previews, and commentary.

What games will be discussed on Red Grenade? All genres will likely appear, but expect a focus on games that are made to be played rather than beaten. In other words, this blog will not put much emphasis on games that are primarily focused on playing through a narrative, but rather on games that are played for the enjoyment of the core gameplay elements. For example, you can expect more Tetris than Heavy Rain.

This is not meant to be an insult to narrative games. I play and enjoy them at times. I also read books and watch movies. However, I did not create Red Grenade to discuss fiction, and narrative games typically provide less material for this blog’s topics. Furthermore, I’ll be using a lot of examples, and well-known games like Tetris work best for that purpose.

Now that I’ve stated all of these lofty goals, I hope I will have enough free time to actually do the playing and writing.

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    • Thanks!

      I didn’t want to bother you with a message that would seem like spam, so I was going to wait until I had some articles posted that were topically relevant to your blog.

      I have a lot of articles or essays in the works, so I hope you’ll stop by once in a while.

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