Xbox 360: How to Import Downloadable Content

Note: Since posting this article, Microsoft has switched from points to local currency. As a result, some of these instructions are no longer valid. Specifically, using Bing Rewards to get credit for other regions no longer seems possible.

Whether seeking an unusual avatar pack or an add-on for an imported game, many people don’t know how to purchase Xbox 360 downloadable content from other regions. I’ll explain what to do.

Step One: Create a Gamertag for the Desired Region

1. Go to:

2. Click the link that reads “Sign Up Now”

3. Fill out the form with fictitious information for the desired region.

4. For address and phone details, look up a business in the area. A web search for “Barber Shop in London” will produce plenty of results. Please change a few digits in any street addresses and phone numbers you may use. The last thing we need is some chavver receiving spam that was intended for you.

5. Write down the bogus address; it will be needed later.

6. Create a new user on your Xbox 360 with the email address you just created.

Step Two: ???

You will need a foreign Microsoft Points code. Two ways to do this:

1. Go to a website like this or this and buy points for the desired region.

2. Sign up for Bing Rewards using the email address you created above. Bing Rewards is a free service that rewards you with credits for doing your web searches on Bing rather than Google or anything else. Those credits can be spent on various rewards including Microsoft Points. Microsoft Points earned through Bing Rewards are not tied to a specific region like most MS Points.

Step Three: Profit!

Log into your foreign gamertag, and redeem the Microsoft Points code from Step 2. Your first transaction with any account will require you to enter an address, so use the fake address from step 1. Assuming you can read English, this is pretty easy for United Kingdom accounts, but setting up a Japanese account can be tricky.

Games on Demand are usually region-locked, so be careful. Enjoy your imported content!

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